About us?

We are a suite of digital solutions to help you with the management of your civil, electromechanical, real estate projects, among others.

We empower your management with access to complete and accurate information at any stage of your projects from conceptualization, planning, execution to closure.

▪ Take full control of the information about your works
▪ Execute timely corrective actions
▪ Keep your clients very well informed at any time


What problems do we solve?

▪ Lack of visibility and control over projects.
▪ Inefficient information management.
▪ Difficulty making informed decisions.


Tools that integrate and solve your needs

RDO, machinery control, earthworks, physical progress of civil and electromechanical works.
eSSOMA, management of safety nonconformities, occupational health, environment, quality, among others.
SKILLs, management of operational and administrative training processes.
ePaperwork, traceability and process control based on documentation.
T-CAPEX, traceability of capital transactions into project portfolio: budget, forecast and current costs.



Efficiency improvement: Streamline and automate processes, saving time, resources and optimizing the productivity of your company.
Informed decision making: Access to timely and relevant information to make strategic decisions based on concrete data.
Greater control and visibility: Complete control of your projects, allowing you to monitor progress, identify possible deviations and take corrective measures in an agile manner.
Error reduction and risk mitigation: Minimizes human errors, which contributes to more accurate execution by reducing the risks associated with project management.
Improved customer satisfaction: By having more effective control over your projects, you will be able to meet deadlines and customer requirements more efficiently, generating trust and loyalty.


Why we?

Easy to implement with little investment and interference in your daily activities.
Quick to learn at all levels of your company.
Simple to use thanks to its few-step design.



of users feel they have increased their productivity.


perceives better collaboration between the various work teams, including subcontractors.


They feel that their projects have greater visibility and they can make better decisions.